Here’s What You Need To Pack For A Hospital Birth During the Pandemic?

If you're anything like me, 8 or 9 months pregnant is when pregnancy brain is the absolute worst. Having checklists can ease some worry and help ensure (almost all) important tasks and items are not overlooked or forgotten. With a whole pandemic on the loose, so many things can occupy your mind space, causing mayhem... Continue Reading →

How Being Adult Ruins Nursery Rhymes (Nursery Rhyme Roast)

Most if not all of us were raised repeating nursery rymes. Not only are  they fun, but they help with speech development and memory in young children. But have you paid attention to the what they are really saying? As a new mom I wanted to share some of the fun, cute, nursery rhymes I... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Diaper Bag

As a new mom I would overstuff my diaper bag out of fear I would desperately need something whenever I would leave home with my newborn. After a few months I now travel efficient and light. Here's a list of the items I pack in my diaper bag.

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