I Tried Online Therapy! Would I Recommend It?

At the beginning of 2020 I felt confident and optimistic that Canada's healthcare system and government was fully equipped and capable of handling the challenges to come. It is now May of 2021 and we are still in a massive rut. Mental health has been on a steady and rapid decline. I cannot imagine how... Continue Reading →

Here’s What You Need To Pack For A Hospital Birth During the Pandemic?

If you're anything like me, 8 or 9 months pregnant is when pregnancy brain is the absolute worst. Having checklists can ease some worry and help ensure (almost all) important tasks and items are not overlooked or forgotten. With a whole pandemic on the loose, so many things can occupy your mind space, causing mayhem... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Diaper Bag

As a new mom I would overstuff my diaper bag out of fear I would desperately need something whenever I would leave home with my newborn. After a few months I now travel efficient and light. Here's a list of the items I pack in my diaper bag.

Why I Started My Blog

I do not have much family in Canada. When I realized I was pregnant with my first child right before the pandemic hit, I was happy and scared all at once. My ideal situation would have been to have my mother and close family with me for the entirety of the experience. The realization that... Continue Reading →

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