What is my purpose? Was I Born To Be A Writer?

Are you searching for your purpose in life? Or maybe you just feel a bit lost. What were you born to do or be? Keep reading to see how I discovered my purpose, plus some tips on finding your own.

I feel like I was born to be a writer. It is the only creative thing I’ve done that has consistently brought me joy. However, this wasn’t always clear.

As a child, I made up my own bedtime stories. I would often submerge my thoughts into a world my imagination brought to life.

Personal favorites were:

  • The Tropical Rainforest – a breathtaking sanctuary with lush greenery and vibrantly colored blooms. My favorite spot to relax was right next to the crisp, fresh, clear waters of a towering waterfall.
Rainforest waterfall
  • The Big City – a New York-esque cityscape with a vibrant party atmosphere. I had a small group of friends from various backgrounds and rich cultures. This is where and how I projected my first celebrity crush, American-Vietnamese actor Dustin Nguyen.
Nightime cityscape
  • Our New House – a spacious bungalow in the countryside. I would wake up to foggy, dewy mornings. Those magical mornings that made the thought of fairy’s being real, a strong possibility. Dustin made an appearance here also, as my neighbor from across the street.
Island bungalow

Every single detail, from the smell of the air, to the feelings I felt, was carefully curated.

As I grew older, so much of life filled my mind space. I slowly lost the ability to focus my mind long enough to get every detail and therefore the feeling just right. So I stopped.

Experiencing personal trauma in my adult years, brought me back to writing. This time it was in the form of letters to myself and journaling. This became my preferred outlet.

The worse things got, the more I wrote. However, I still lacked one key quality. Confidence.

I eventually hit rock bottom. I fell down a massive rabbit hole stressing about “What is my purpose?”, “What made me happy?”. All clichés but spot on.

I never believed in my voice. I convinced myself, it was not possible to make a decent living from writing. I felt no body would even be interested in anything I had to say, let alone read it.

The opportunity finally presented itself. It seemed as though the stars finally aligned in my favor. Like the Phoenix, my spirit animal, I had to be reduced to ashes.

  • I got pregnant.
  • I had a nasty break up.
  • I had to find a new place to live.
  • I had to move with a newborn in the middle of all the epic pandemonium of 2020.
  • My mother and best friend had a debilitating stroke, more than 1400 miles away.

I literally broke. So now what?

I fell back into my safe space. I took the plunge, the deep dive and it finally clicked. Just like the flick of a switch, it dawned on me. It was literally staring me square in the face my whole life. I know, Cliché much.

I decided it was time to work on my insecurities about my writing. The best way I felt, was to take a writing class and just go for it. I mean, how bad can I really be?

So many of us struggle to discover who we are. I feel like this is an important life lesson that requires more attention, particularly in our school years.

Expose your self to new opportunities and new experiences, while the freedom to do so still exists.

I didn’t, but I’m not too old to learn. The worst thing I can do now is to settle and to become complacent.

Truth is, you may have already been exposed to your calling or purpose.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that should bring you a bit closer to the answer.

  1. Is there anything I do, or have done that I enjoyed or felt at ease doing?
  2. What am I good at doing?
  3. What interests grab my attention on social media?
  4. What topics or areas of interest do I tend to talk about most with friends?

So here are my tips:

  • Explore your answers.
  • Watch videos and read blogs on the topics of interest.
  • Follow the social media accounts that cater to your field of interest.
  • If necessary spring clean or filter your social media feed, to only show content geared towards your interests and goals.
  • Also, sprinkle some motivational content in the mix.

Leave me a comment below. Let me know if this helped.

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