10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Diaper Bag

Traveling with a baby can be tough. Having an efficiently packed diaper bag is paramount. Ideally you want to have everything you need, without overpacking.

As a new parent, deciding what is most important, and what you likely won’t need, can be a whole task.

After a few months with my little one, I have trimmed my haulage to a few absolute diaper bag essentials.

Here is my list of top 10 things to always have in your diaper bag.

1. Diapers

The most important thing is diapers. Whether you are a fan of disposables or reusables, diapers are a must.

Three is a good number to have on hand. This of course is dependent on the length of time you expect to be away from home.

Remember to update your diaper bag with the appropriate size as your baby grows.

2. Wipes

Perfect for those moments when your cute and cuddly bundle leaves you with a not so cute and cuddly mess. These are also available as reusable, disposable or can even be DIY.

3. Wash Cloth

Yes, washcloth, baby sized. For those instances you’d rather not use a wet wipe. Essentially being used as a napkin or face tissue.

4. Hand Sanitizer

In situations where good old soap and water are not an option, hand sanitizer works as an acceptable alternative.

5. Changing Pad

These are also available in the option of disposable and reusable. An absolute essential. Changing pads allow you to create a sanitary changing station virtually anywhere. They usually have a  waterproof layer for two way protection.

6. Clean Outfit

Messes are inevitable, the only question is “how bad?”. For the worst ones, you may need a whole new outfit for your baby, and quite possibly one for yourself.

7. Burp Rag

Burp rags are extremely versatile in their list of possible uses. For example as a swaddle, receiving blanket and even as a car seat cover. Some brands are marketed as such.

8. Snacks

Snacks could very well save the day. No matter how old your child is, this is a must have.

9. Toys

Toys can be a very helpful tool for distraction, learning, and entertainment. Awesome way to keep those tiny hands and minds occupied.

10. Ziplock Bags

Large ziplock style bags can be used as an on the go diaper pail, until an appropriate disposal site is available. These bags are also great for storing soiled clothing for the journey home.

What items would you add to your list?

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