Why I Started My Blog

I do not have much family in Canada. When I realized I was pregnant with my first child right before the pandemic hit, I was happy and scared all at once.

My ideal situation would have been to have my mother and close family with me for the entirety of the experience. The realization that this was not possible, thanks to Covid, had me feeling more heartbroken and isolated than I had my entire life.

This led to a not so stable state of mind. I was riddled with self doubt and a strong feeling of defeat. My usual process was to always write when I felt most overwhelmed, which was exactly what I did, hence the idea for a blog.

I decided a lifestyle blog was best, with the main focus being topics surrounding motherhood and parenting.

In my research, I found there isn’t a lot of material on the effects of pregnancy, delivery and motherhood/parenthood on mental health and well-being.

Especially with the isolation caused by the pandemic, writing has become a vital outlet. I really just want to share that.

As my daughter grows, I will face new challenges and have a million more questions. I will have to adapt or invent new ways to get through each day. I’m not an expert, medical professional or otherwise, just a mommy sharing her experience.

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